World For Us

World For Us ile bahçelerden sofralarımıza!?

Doğanın sesiyle World For Us’ ın harmonisini birleştirerek, bu yıl ikincisini gerçekleştirdiğimiz festivalimiz!

This world is ours!

It’s up to us to protect the world. The less we harm the nature, the more we will live every second.
As Emir Hotels, with the World For Us project, we adopt a holistic sustainability approach that focuses on establishing a balance in environmental, social and managerial areas.

With our World For Us policy, we protect our world by leaving a smaller carbon footprint and contributing to the preservation of the green. By saving energy and water, we use our resources in the most efficient way.


Nyübu is a concept that meets the journey of people towards theirself, which ends with a return to nature, being one with nature, producing and consuming the natural, and harvesting the crops sown with care in the soil with a fun-filled feast. Respect for the land and celebration of what nature has given is a tradition that has been going on since the early ages of humanity.

Although we stay away from nature with technology today, these traditions in our roots bring us closer to nature. In order to minimize the damage we have done to the world and to leave a better tomorrow for future generations; We aim to get closer to nature with Nyübu and to protect nature with World For Us.
We are aware of our own responsibilities for a sustainable world. In our World For Us policy, we give both our guests and our employees the opportunity to experience the activities we do for nature and to maintain this awareness in their own lives.