Orange Dental Turkey

Operating on Health Tourism, Orange Dental Turkey provides health, hotel, transfer and tour services by bringing health patients from all over the world to Turkey. Orange Dental was provided with services in brand and corporate identity formation processes, and execution and consultancy services were provided in digital campaign and strategy formation processes. Health Tourism Portal Patients who are members of the health tourism portal first choose which treatment they want. It provides the opportunity to create hotels, transfer vehicles and tours on the system according to their demands and add them to their packages. They can request a special offer with the help of the treatment film sent in the last step. The special request, which is examined by the specialist doctor, is priced and sent to the patients via e-mail and panel notification. The process is started with the payment link sent with the patient's acceptance of the process. System General Features System special payment request Product and treatment sales Packaged service sales Hotel room reservation It contains many features such as vehicle and tour request.