Kirman Signature

Discover Signature privileges with Kirman Hotels




All Day All Inclusive

With the proficiency of the chefs of Kirman Hotels; You will be able to get acquainted with world cuisine, especially Turkish cuisine, in the A'la Carte restaurant which is open 24/7. You will feel the fresh air of the Mediterranean on the plates prepared by master chefs, which is for everyone’s taste. Are you ready to try all flavors at the time of your choice at A'la Carte restaurant with Kirman Signature All Day All Inclusive?

New Age Stay

Are you ready for an exquisite holiday in the turquoise tones of the Mediterranean? You can make reservations and check-in online; and you can send your requests with the QR code without needing anyone at all. Discover Kirman Signature privileges with New Age Stay!

Personal Assistant

Have you met your Kirman Signature personal assistant? Your personal assistant, who is specially assigned to you, will accompany you throughout your holiday and help you have a more enjoyable holiday. You can inform your personal assistant about your requests and suggestions; You can consult them about anything you need. You will feel like at home with Kirman Signature Personal Assistant!

Snacks On The Skate

Feel the Kirman Hotels at every moment of your holiday with Snacks On the Skate! With the service of various snacks and drinks prepared for our guests at certain times on the beach and pier. You can experience Kirman Hotels in your every moment. With the skate service, you can reach your snacks whenever you want them! How about quick snacks with Kirman Signature Snacks On The Skate?

Fun Club

Are you ready to meet with Kirman Hotels’ Fun Club? Imagine of an area with Billiards, Playstation, Xbox, Foosball and Computer game hall! Our guests between the ages of 13 and 16 can benefit from it free of charge between 12:00 and 22:00, and the guests under the age of 12 under family supervision. With Fun Club, all kinds of entertainment are at Kirman Signature...

Kids Chef

During the holiday, take your kids food without worrying; enjoy your holiday at its finest! While you are completing your check-in procedures, your children will be saying 'hello' to Kirman Hotels privileges with our gift toy bags that is specially prepared for our little guests! Food that is specially prepared for your children by Kids Chef is under the control of food engineers. Menus prepared according to your children's eating habits; It can be served at any time, at any restaurant that you wish for. Enjoy your holiday with Kirman Hotels’ Kids Chef!

Wake Up Call

How about a good start to the day with Wake Up Call? With the Wake up Call service, which you can get by notifying the reception by telling the time you want to wake up, you can start the day with a hot coffee and fresh croissants, accompanied by the Mediterranean view. Is there any better way to start a day?

Healthy Sports Club

How about starting the day energetically with Kirman Hotels? During your stay, we offer Yoga, Morning Run, Theraband Exercise, Morning Gym, Facia Exercise with Black Roll, Aqua Gym, Trx, Funcional Training, Tabata, Legs, Bums and Tums, Zumba, Step Aerobics, AutoGenic Training, Stretching, Fitness Briefing activities throughout the day. By participating in our sports activities at the most convenient time for you, you can stay fit by preserving your form with our natural cocktails and healthy salads. It is possible to have a healthy holiday with Kirman Signature Healthy Sports Club!

Exclusive Honeymoon

Are you ready for a romantic and lovely honeymoon with your loved one? How about celebrating your marriage with champagne and cake treats in our rooms designed for your most special moments? You can continue the celebrations from where you left off with the free A'la carte, special for our honeymoon couples, and you can start the day with a nice breakfast in your room with your loved one. Enjoy the privileges of Kirman Signature in the fresh atmosphere of the Mediterranean, where you will feel special at every moment of your holiday, and create unforgettable memories with Exclusive Honeymoon!

Baby Star

Your babies are very lucky with Kirman Signature Baby Star! You can have our Baby Star package free of charge, which is specially prepared for our little guests. In our Baby Star package, which meets all your baby's needs during the holiday; Diaper changing sponge, baby bathtub, potty / baby toilet seat cover, baby shampoo, baby fiber, baby bib, baby body lotion, feeding bottle, baby bottle sterilization device, wet wipes and baby toys. In addition to our Baby Star package, among the selected restaurants; You can find Bebelac, Bebelac banana pudding, Gold Rice Pudding, Gold Apple & Pear Puree, Gold supplementary food, Aptamil 1&2, banana milk and strawberry milk products. Are you ready for a comfortable holiday with Kirman Signature Baby Star?