Birlik Giyim

Birlik Giyim - Birlik Textile

Birlik Giyim-Textile is a valuable company that has been serving on garments and clothing for years since 1983. We have guided with our designs in this line by following the process of their work for logo creation (needle, thread perception) and brand formation, from the apparel workshop to the store. We are glad to work together with them.

Logo formation and building Brand DNA

Logo design and Corporate ID

In the studies, we applied the emphasis on the emblem intensely to emphasize the logo and the brand. As a result, we planned the image of a company with a more rooted and workshop background, where it differs from other competitors.


Below the Line Service

The corporate identity we created in promotional designs to strengthen the brand perception created was taken as a measure. Also, the possibility of Online shopping was emphasized. By focusing on the image of "Golden Feather" in the designs, we wanted to emphasize that the company produces comfortable and quality products at the same time.

E-Commerce Web Site

In order to strengthen the brand perception, an e-commerce site created for Birlik Giyim company uses a stylish, simple and highly responsive interface. Our customer reaches both his potential customer via the e-commerce site. It continues to increase brand awareness.