Balera Health Products

Emblem and Logo Design

Balera Health product company is an innovative and original brand with its products and brand image in its dynamic and active market. The use of all-natural ingredients in the product contents gave us important clues in creating the brand. Our designs focused on mother and woman, as it produces mother-child products and women-oriented products. Our target in both social media and product promotions in brand building was planned and the strategy was implemented to make natural materials and to emphasize the mother-woman-child trilogy. We are glad to work together .

Our priority colors in this logo design are blue and green from nature. It was our pioneering idea to perceive aqua and habitat. The creation of the foliage image was used at this stage to emphasize that natural herbal ingredients were used.


Corporate ID

In the corporate identity design phase of Balera products, our priority point was to make it different from other companies in the market where it is dynamic and company. We continued to have an impact on identity designs by focusing on logo and emblem design. We developed variations on green in color and pattern. And as a result, we obtained simple, spacious and appropriate designs in line with the satisfaction of our customers.

Product and Container Design

After the market research for Balera Health products that is unique and intended to be purchased, we applied the emphasis on mother-woman and child in product designs. As we will appeal to the mother and the child, the cute "blue rabbit" mascot, which they will not see in the advertisement of any company, has been designed. We proceeded with this theme in children's products. Recycling related to this continues with a positive increase as calculated. In other adult products, we targeted the emphasis that they are made of natural materials in our designs.


Baby Shampoo, Baby Cream, Baby sun oil, Baby rash creams, Adult sun creams, Anne Lasonil cream and Firming creams.


Mascot and character design

The "blue rabbit" characterization, which is designed to be used in children's products, has been very successful as a result of competing company analysis, and firm separation has created brand autonomy.

Social Media Designs and Account Management

With the social media planning and strategy we prepared for Balera Health products, the brand's awareness increases day by day. The posts we made, the brand's identity is the focus for variety of topics. Customer satisfaction continues in the reports submitted at the end of the month.

Web Site

While making the Balera Web site, our target point was to implement a user-friendly interface selection and highlight it as a brand. It was prepared in accordance with the responsiveness of the site and the work of Google Adwords in the background. You can see the website created by preparing all necessary applications so that the brand can reach its potential customer. With the application of all digital and traditional marketing methods, Balera appears as one of the leading companies in the advertising world and the market it is located.